PST 100 MK II / PST 100 TA Preamplifier

PST – 100 is most certainly an impressive addition to YPSILON’s 100 series. It approaches the concept of pre amplification in an outstanding way. Its heart lies in the in house made transformers used for attenuation. In addition its valve state circuit combined with exquisite materials produce the finest and most elegant sound that any pre amp could ever achieve.

Ypsilon PST100 MKII

Ypsilon believes that the means of signal attenuation (the volume control) is the most critical to the overall sound of a preamplifier. They developed a very special transformer as the means of attenuation, using special winding techniques and highest quality. Its performance surpassed that of the best resistor attenuator. In a transformer the magnetic circuit can be ultra linear when the very best core materials are used. The sound of such materials is much more musical and detailed compared with the best resistors.A transformer attenuator with 31 taps is used in the PST100 mk2 providing a total attenuation of 54db in its lowest tap.

Ypsilon PST100 MKII
The active gain stage is a no – feedback s.e. triode, transformer coupled. The power supply uses valve rectification and choke regulation. Wiring is made with custom made pure silver wire. The transformer attenuator is placed after the valve stage, preserving the purity and micro details of the signal.

The maximum attenuation is 52db and maximum gain is 12db. Output impedance is 150 Ω max. PST is the pinnacle in preamplification. It is a must have component for building a “no holds” system.

ypsilon: pst 100 mk ii / pst 100 ta preamplifier

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