Ypsilon Aelius II Power Monoblock Amplifier

Aelius II is a push-pull hybrid monoblock power amplifier using only two gain stages with no overall feedback providing power to drive real world speakers with unmatched transparency and musical involvement.

Ypsilon Aelius II

The first gain stage is implemented with a valve, operated in single-ended class A, transformer coupled to the output stage. By using a transformer we avoid using an additional gain stage, so transparency and purity of the signal is preserved.

For this purpose a wide bandwidth (10-75 KHz) transformer is made, developed under extensive listening tests and measurements. The bandwidth of the transformer defines also that of the amplifier.

In Aelius II a recently developed input transformer is added that extends the purity of the signal path even further. It also gives the opportunity of a balanced input in the amplifier, adding versatility of using longer interconnect cables.

The output of the amplifier is symmetrical so both output connectors, plus, minus, carry signal in opposite phase. The output stage uses components of the same polarity (N-channel), working in the same topology.

Great attention was paid also in the power supply design. It uses high current inductors for smooth and quiet filtering.

Aelius II is most certainly a revolutionary product having a unique set of features, refinement and transparency with power and control over the speaker.

Ypsilon Aelius II

ypsilon: aelius ii hybrid monoblock power amplifier

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