wilson audio: new WAMM prototype, CES 2015



Wilson Audio hosted a private suite at the 2015 International CES Las Vegas, showing the latest prototype of the new Wilson Audio WAMM. This event, limited to only 12 people per presentation, was conducted by Dave Wilson himself. During the presentations, we heard his current thinking on the project, and viewed a full-scale cosmetic model of the WAMM. No photography was allowed at this presentation, so we will bring you images of the new WAMM when they are released by Wilson. Here is what we are allowed to divulge at this time.

The new WAMM will consist of two main full-range array towers, with sub towers an optional upgrade with controllers. Compared to the original WAMM and the current Alexandria XLF, the new WAMM will have better performance and will be more massive as well as taller. It will also be more adaptable to various room sizes and acoustical environments due to the ability for micro-tuning in the time domain. Like the original WAMMs, the architecture as developed so far will allow for future upgrading.

Dimensions are subject to change as development continues, but so far the full-range array tower is roughly 82″ tall (208.28cm), 23″ wide (58.42 cm) and 35″ in depth (88.9 cm). Which drivers and how many will be used per channel has not been released, however we do know that electrostatic panels (like used on the original WAMM) will not be used this time, and that the sub towers will not have built in electronics.

To better facilitate installation in listening rooms where access is limited by small elevators, narrow hallways, etc., the new WAMM will feature a modular design that allows shipping in multiple crates for easier installation. If the room’s ceiling will accommodate the array’s height, the adjustability of the system will allow it to work in smaller spaces than the previous WAMM.

Please contact us at the Audio Salon if you would like further information on the new WAMM as it becomes available.

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