wilson audio: thor’s hammer


As part of a home theater system, Thor’s Hammer will bring low frequency sound effects to life in a way most moviegoers can only dream about. The fact is, it will achieve a level of dynamic speed and lack of distortion that far surpasses the best movie-house sound systems.

Thor’s Hammer (the subwoofer) is capable of reproducing at full volume the lowest pipe organ note at 16 Hz. In reality, though, the ideal subwoofer can reproduce more than the lowest pipe organ note. There is a wealth of ambient music cues in the deep-bass region. The ideal subwoofer opens up the soundstage to an extraordinary degree.

It goes without saying that, having built a subwoofer that integrates seamlessly with Alexandria (Thor extends X-2’s bandwidth down to 10 Hz.), we’ve made a loudspeaker that will, without question, enhance systems built around MAXXs®, WATT/Puppys—or even, if you’re into physical extremes, Wilson Audio Duettes™! Thor can even be custom ordered for horizontal placement.

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