wilson audio: mezzo & mezzo convergent synergy

Mezzo is only the latest product from the Wilson Special Applications Engineering Team™. This group of products recognizes there are situations where the typical floorstanding loudspeaker fails to adequately meet needs that fall outside the typical listening room/home theater environments.

The Mezzo™ was also formulated and engineered with a specific function in mind: a loudspeaker endowed with a nearly identical sonic signature to Wilson’s Sasha W/P©, but in a low-profile package. When used as a center channel, Mezzo seamlessly matches the acoustic signature of Wilson’s remarkable Sasha. Indeed, the Mezzo features a driver complement nearly identical to the Sasha, the exception being the midrange driver, which is borrowed from the legendary Alexandria X-2©. The Mezzo also provides an unprecedented level of musical accuracy in music systems and home theaters where its low-profile form solves architectural challenges, such as in those installations where a tall loudspeaker would block wall-to-wall cinema screens, the view afforded by large windows, or would obstruct wallhanging artwork. Whether it is used as a center channel in conjunction with Sasha, MAXX, or Alexandria, or as a main loudspeaker, Mezzo matches the tonal beauty, dynamic speed, tonal sophistication, resolution, and sense of “thereness” that are hallmarks of Sasha W/P.

Introducing Mezzo Convergent Synergy

With the advent of Wilson’s Convergent Synergy tweeter in the Alexandria XLF, the Alexia, and now the Sasha W/P Series-2, it quickly became apparent that a Convergent Synergy tweeter version of the Mezzo was needed.

New tweeter Module:

The Convergent Synergy tweeter’s acoustic and mechanical demands are somewhat different from the titanium tweeter it replaces. Using the latest version of Wilson’s proprietary composite, X-material, Wilson’s engineers designed an all new tweeter module. The module is extremely inert and non-resonant. It also accounts for the Convergent Synergy tweeter’s dispersion characteristics. Great care was taken to address diffraction—a type of time-domain distortion that results from reflections off the speaker cabinet. The shape of the module is emblematic of this effort, as is the shape and material of the energy-absorbing pad that surrounds the tweeter.

Time-Domain Adjustability:

In the main module, Mezzo Convergent Synergy’s two woofers are mounted horizontally flanking the midrange driver. Achieving near perfect driver-alignment at the listening position requires the adjustability of the tweeter by changing its relative position in relation to the midrange and woofer drivers, such that all drivers’ acoustic centers are equidistant from the listener. The tweeter module is adjustable via a provided chart according to ear height and listening distance—and for a variety of Mezzo Convergent Synergy installation strategies. The Mezzo Convergent Synergy version accounts for the time-domain differences in the new tweeter, and has unique adjustment scheme. Whether the Mezzo Convergent Synergy is installed directly on the floor, on one-of-two custom designed stands, or in custom cabinets, the Mezzo’s drivers can be properly aligned to accommodate these scenarios.


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