Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX

Announcing the Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX Loudspeaker:

The format of the flagship loudspeaker fits Daryl Wilson’s attitudes and convictions perfectly. He is extraordinarily compromise-adverse. Removing any constraints of price or practicality within the design equation felt liberating to Daryl. If Daryl had one advantage his father Dave Wilson lacked, it was the WAMM itself. Some of the technology developed for the WAMM now resides in the Chronosonic XVX in a simpler form. More than in any other previous loudspeaker, Wilson will introduce more technology, features, and manufacturing processes in the Chronosonic XVX.  Short of the WAMM itself, no other loudspeaker reproduces music as realistically or communicates the emotional power of the artists so eloquently.

All-new Alnico (ALuminum, NIckel, CObalt) QuadraMag™ Midrange Driver

Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVXThe sound of unamplified, live music has always resided at the heart of Wilson’s driver development. Just as Wilson’s current midrange driver finds its origins in the great concert halls of the world (chief among them the Musikverein in Vienna Austria), the new Wilson midrange driver’s development was driven by a passion for the authentic sound and emotional experience of live music. Originally co-developed by Dave Wilson (his last design project) and Vern Credille, the new QuadraMag midrange combines Alnico magnets in an entirely re-imagined geometry. The new driver utilizes four separate magnets arranged in an innovative quadrature geometry, which improves efficiency and lowers distortion.

Wilson’s new mid combines all the warmth and natural timbre of this classic magnet formulation in a thoroughly modern design. The new Alnico QuadraMag driver brings together unparalleled natural beauty, harmonic integrity, musicality, low distortion, and ultra-high resolution in a single design. It possesses a distinctive admixture of musical and technical virtues heretofore unrealized with any other previous design.

MTMM Upper Array Geometry

Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVXThe Chronosonic XVX array is configured using an unusual MTMM (midrange, tweeter, midrange) arrangement. Wilson’s engineers further refined and perfected the proprietary two-way midrange system first developed in the WAMM and subsequently utilized in a simplified form in the ALEXX.  The all-new QuadraMag driver joins forces with a modified version of the 4” midrange from the WAMM to form the lower section of the array. A second QuadraMag midrange driver at the top of the array flanks a Convergent Synergy Mk.5 tweeter, completing the MTMM geometry.

Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVXThe construction of the Upper Array of the XVX consists of an open-architecture Gantry system constructed from X-Material reinforced, ultra-high-grade aluminum. The Gantry’s primary function is to provide an extremely rigid architecture for all the moving elements and modules that enable the system’s accurately adjustable time-domain. The design team paid particular attention to the triangulated cross-bracing and the strategic use of X-Material composites to improve both rigidity and critical damping. The new scalloped finish on the aluminum elements is both beautiful and functional, acting as a diffuser to further minimize the XVX’s sonic signature within the room.  A new magnet system secures the decorative Gantry grille covers, which enables quick and easy attachment or removal of the grille.

Woofers From the WAMM Master Chronosonic

Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVXWilson Audio originally developed the ten- and twelve-inch woofers appearing in Chronosonic XVX’s in conjunction with the WAMM Master Chronosonic project. Vern Credille designed the two woofers from the ground up to complement each other. He individually optimized the drivers for both speed and authority. Chronosonic XVX’s woofers incorporate all of Wilson’s latest thinking on accurate and musical low-frequency music reproduction.

Chronosonic XVX’s volume-optimized, ultra-low resonance woofer enclosure is the perfect home for these state-of-the-art bass drivers.  The holistic totality of the various elements significantly raises the bar for bottom octave musicality and accuracy—performance exceeded only by the WAMM.

Composite Enclosure

Wilson continues its now decades-long research and development into the latest composites. While most loudspeaker designers typically focus on a single material, whether it is a favored formula of aluminum, an exotic wood, or the newest trend in composites, Wilson has long recognized the need for specialized materials for different enclosure applications. Materials research into the actual factors that improve musical accuracy has been the critical focus of Wilson’s ongoing efforts to push the envelope of loudspeaker performance. Wilson uses the latest cutting-edge development tools, including its remarkable Laser Doppler Vibrometry system. With state of-the-art resolution, this measurement technique is capable of revealing the most minuscule of enclosure resonances—music-destroying vibrations undetectable using traditional measurements methods.

Like the WAMM, the XVX’s cabinets and modules are constructed using a combination of the company’s proprietary X- and S-Material composites, and aerospace aluminum.

New Crossover Design Details

Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVXThe crossover housing is now constructed from carbon fiber. An all-new Wilson-designed connecting spades now join Wilson’s proprietary binding posts as a unified connection system. The quick-release time-domain adjustment bolts first developed for the Sasha DAW are utilized in the XVX.  The tuning and protection resistors are located on an easily accessible portion of the rear cabinet. Each is mounted to a carbon fiber substrate.  Changing resistors is a simple matter of removing a quick-release glass cover and removing the hardware from the heatsinks.

AudioCapX—New Wilson Designed and Manufactured Crossover Capacitors

Wilson Audio recently moved its capacitor design and production in-house to control and improve quality and build upon its already industry-leading crossover-to-crossover consistency. Wilson has long been the leader for ultra-tight tolerances in its crossovers, combining the best components available with extremely meticulous execution and testing. Since its inception nearly a year ago, Wilson’s capacitor division resides at the pinnacle of innovative capacitor technology and empirical (music-centric) development.  Within the Chronosonic XVX’s crossover, Wilson debuts the all-new AudioCapX-WA (application-specific, bespoke versions of our AudioCapX). AudioCapX-WA capacitors advance the already state-of-the-art harmonic beauty and low noise floor—and simplify the method for even tighter tolerances within Wilson’s crossovers.

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