wilson audio: alexandria x-2 (series 2)

Alexandria x2A musical waveform is a complex overlay of frequencies, amplitudes, and phase relationships. With current technology, no single transducer can reproduce the full range of music at realistic sound pressure levels and maintain consistent dispersion. The only practical solution to this problem is a multiple driver array, but multiple drivers introduce their own set of problems, chief among them the challenge of preserving the precise time relationships of the musical waveform. The fact is, misalignment of the drivers by small fractions of an inch will audibly degrade transient performance, soundstage height, width, and depth, as well as introduce tonal anomalies that destroy the otherwise convincing “presence” of an instrument or a singer’s voice.

The key to solving this problem lies in the vertical alignment of the various drivers in an adjustable modular array so that each driver’s waveform propagation “matches up” with its neighbors’ in such a way as to create the sonic equivalent of a single point source.

Wilson’s patented Adjustable Propagation Delay has long set the standard for precise driver positioning in order to ensure correct propagation alignment for a wide range of listening locations. Alexandria took this technology a step further with the introduction of Aspherical Propagation Delay. Not only can each driver module move forward and back in the time domain, but each module rotates on its polar axis to achieve optimal dispersion for any chosen listening position.

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