verity audio: parsifal anniversary

ParsifalMain Loudspeaker Line

The Parsifal is an established statement of musicality that has been recognized worldwide. It represents the cornerstone of Verity Audio’s philosophy of care. This translates into true cutting-edge technology, true exquisite craftsmanship, true appealing design, true overall reliability, and true outstanding performance for true pride of ownership.

  • Two independent and isolated cabinets for superior sound coherency;
  • The top cabinet is a standalone high-performance studio monitor;
  • The bass cabinet allows a rear or front woofer configuration;
  • Unique Verity Audio’s bass tuning for extreme definition down to the lowest octaves;
  • Superb custom-made and proprietary transducers;
  • Beautifully crafted and finished with exquisite Italian lacquer;
  • Nicely packed and delivered in deluxe Air Transportation Approved metal cases.
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