verity audio: monsalvat

Verity Audio MonsalvatThe Verity Audio Monsalvat is a complex system built around two (2) main tower units. Two (2) separated low-bass towers and a unique active crossover module complete the system. The active crossover module has to be installed between the pre-amplifier and the power amplifiers. Six (6) different channels of amplification are required to operate the system.Since many years now, Verity Audio’s researches have shown that when multi-amplifying a loudspeaker, the best results are always reached when the same amplifier is used throughout the system. For this reason, the bass towers of the Monsalvat are not amplified, leaving the choice of amplification to the customer so that the same amplifier can be used for all modules.

  • Efficiency of 99 dB @ 2.83 Vrms & 1 meter on axis.
  • Bandwidth of 15 Hz to 60,000 Hz;
  • All custom-made and proprietary transducers using state-of-the-art technologies;
  • Resonance free, pure Verity Audio aluminum foil ribbon tweeter;
  • One superb proprietary 6″ (150mm) midrange unit;
  • Four proprietary 9″ (229mm) lower midrange per channel;
  • Four proprietary 15″ (380mm) bass transducers per channel;
  • Unique Verity Audio corner installed woofer towers for extreme definition down to the lowest octaves.
  • Wide amplification selection possible starting at 5 watts up to unlimited power;
  • Designed for multi-amplification;
  • Beautifully crafted and finished with exquisite Italian lacquer;
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