verity audio: h2 / v2

H2 / V2

There are times where the installation of a high-end home theater or multi-channel system faces physical limitations that will not allow floor-standing loudspeakers to be used in the room where it will be enjoyed. The Verity Audio on-wall line of products offers a solution for such installations that stays as true as possible to the core Verity design philosophy. The h2 and v2 work beautifully for two-channel music, as supplements to a main pair of our floor-standing loudspeakers, and as a refined, dynamic system solution when implemented in a complete multi-channel audio video system.

  • Wall mounted loudspeaker for dedicated horizontal (h2) or Vertical (v2) installations;
  • Design based on our world famous Rienzi monitor;
  • High impedance for an easy adaptation to any kind of amplifier;
  • Space effective with no sacrifice in performance;
  • Superb custom-made and proprietary mid/woofer using state-of-the-art technologies;
  • Tonal integrity with the Verity loudspeaker line;
  • Wall mounting brackets included;
  • Beautifully crafted and finished with exquisite Italian lacquer.
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