verity audio: exr center

EXR CenterIts tough to find a truly excellent dedicated center channel suitable for an ultra high-end home theater system. Dialog needs to be clear and tonally neutral at all times; all sounds need to be delivered with superior intelligibility, even during complex passages; and since some movie soundtracks may require the center channel to handle upwards of 85% of the overall sound during dynamic passages, the center must be robust and able to cope with the considerable demands placed on it while delivering the same clean, natural, uncompressed sound.

Verity’s answer to this challenge is the new eXR Center. All Verity products have been recognized for their unique midrange musicality, and the eXR center is no exception. The eXR Center is unique in many ways, it features an unusually high-sensitivity rating, both to match the efficiency of other products in our own eXR product line, and to better respond to all the detail the next generation of extended-resolution soundtracks provide. It uses an array of custom drive units that allow implementation of traditional Verity acoustical design, and three separate enclosures that are attached, but isolated from each other, to improve clarity by limiting vibration being passed between cabinets. All of these design features allow the eXR center to be natural, resolving, and incredible dynamic scale promised to unveil detail you never knew existed in the most familiar passages!

  • High efficiency of 95dB at 1watt / 1meter;
  • Natural human voice reproduction;
  • Ultra high frequency precision proprietary ribbon tweeter;
  • Proprietary midrange and woofers;
  • Unique industrial design with three separate, attached cabinets;
  • Adjustable vertical angle;
  • Isolation platform included;
  • Optional stand for direct floor installation;
  • Beautifully crafted and finished with exquisite Italian lacquer.
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