transparent cable: power cords

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For All Music and Film Systems:

Replace your undersized, noisy stock power cords with hefty, noise reducing Transparent power cords to achieve more dynamic freedom, tonal richness and low level information than you thought possible in your system.


  • High current designs with substantial pure copper conductor mass deliver all the power your components require for greater dynamics and tonal richness.
  • Precision wound conductors and pressure extruded jackets reduce noise and maintain intended electrical characteristics.
  • High quality, high density copper shielding and 100% coverage foil shielding reduce noise.
  • Reliable, stable, and solid plug terminations reduce noise and insure full power transfer.
  • Highest quality, high current AC plugs that make tight connections.
  • Filter networks provide additional noise reduction on PowerLink Super and higher performance levels.
  • Optimizes Transparent Power Conditioner performance.


  • Upgradeability makes buying Transparent PowerLink cords a great investment as you upgrade other components in your system.
  • Transparent Upgrade Program: every Transparent power cord is eligible.
  • At any time in the future, you can trade in your current Transparent power cords toward new cords that are one or more performance levels higher.
  • Retain 70% of the value of your current cables in the upgrade process!

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