TechDAS Air Force Two Premium Turntable

TechDAS Air Force Two Premium

“As a result of various experiments, gunmetal was chosen for the platter of the Air Force Two Premium. This material is an alloy of copper and tin, and was often used in audio equipment in the heyday of analog audio. As gunmetal is relatively soft and tensile, a subtle glow is added to the sound while its heavy weight further increases the scale of the sound stage.

The platter for the Air Force Two Premium is precision cast and surface polished with a solid construction, unlike most conventional gunmetal platters that have a hollow construction. The result is a platter of huge mass, some 34 kg.” — Hideaki Nishikawa, THE DESIGNER

The air bearing & disc suction

The Air Force Two Premium shares two major core technologies with the other Air Force turntables: Air bearing and vacuum LP hold-down.

Accurate, noise-free and stable rotation is always the key to turntables. Because greater mass provides more inertia, any quality turntable needs a massive platter. The gunmetal platter of the Air Force Two Premium weighs 33 kg. With a conventional bearing design, such a heavy platter would put so much load on the bearing it would cause deterioration of the bearing system over time and generates friction vibrations to degrade the accuracy in rotation.
TechDAS Air Force Two Premium
The other key pneumatic technology is vacuum disc suction. Even if the platter is rotating in an extremely quiet manner and with maximum accuracy, a warped record may generate a vertical motion in the tonearm and cause an undesired stylus movement, causing vibrations. Under such circumstances, no musical signal can be extracted from a disc with absolute fidelity. Due to vertical motions of the tonearm, the stylus will be also affected. Resonant vibrations on the disc may lower the quality and sensitivity of the musical signal. The use of a record clamp is often recommended as a solution to the warped record issues but it would not entirely resolve these issues.

With vacuum LP hold-down, it takes just one press on the SUCTION button on the control panel to firmly hold down the record onto the platter. Then the platter and record rotates precisely at the rated speed you have selected. With vacuum LP hold-down, it is possible to extract every musical signal embedded in the groove with high fidelity. To release suction, press the suction button again, and the disc will be released instantly.

A new hybrid suspension system
TechDAS Air Force Two PremiumThe Air Force Two Premium was designed with a focus on making it maintenance free while preserving a high level of audio properties. At the same time, this new suspension system is designed to accommodate the weight of the deck and to distribute the weight properly among its four feet.

This unique suspension system consists of an air chamber on the top and a rubber diaphragm in the middle enclosing a spring and oil within. This diaphragm is connected through a small hole with the top chamber and any vibrations from the floor are damped by oil inside the diaphragm and air in the chamber. As a result the system has excellent vibration insulation.

TechDAS Air Force Two PremiumA precisely flat hard glass face is used under the platter, and air flow creates a 30 micron clearance between the platter and the glass face.

TechDAS Air Force Two Premium

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