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The flagship reference, Air Force One analog turntable by TechDAS, ushers in exquisite design concept to positively exploit
the aerodynamic force equivalent to sound energy rather than springs or buffer materials. It is the ultimate mechanism based on a vibration damping design using “Air Force” and utilizes only high-precision finished parts with enough mass, which enables this turntable to pick up the micro music waveforms imprinted in phonograph records without sound “color”, which is neither added nor removed. Any displeasing, unwanted vibrations are systematically and thoroughly eliminated.

“Air Force” has three basic design concepts: Air bearing / Disc suction / Air suspension

Air Force One Turntable Tech


• It is important for a turntable to achieve accurate and noise free stable rotation, which requires a platter with significant mass. Without compensation, over time this necessarily heavy-weight platter can cause deterioration in the bearings surfaces and cause friction vibrations or degradation of rotation accuracies.

• To avoid this potential accuracy degradation, the TechDAS “Air Force” system is employed with an independent air bearing that replaces the conventional contact bearing layout. The turntable’s platter is installed on the glass plate with a polished flat surface to be aligned with the center shaft for positioning. The ancillary electric air pump starts forcing air into the turntable, raising the heavy, floating turntable platter instantly to the height of 3mm (30μ) above the base and rotating in deep silence and absolute smoothness.

• The vacuum disc suction mechanism of this “Air force” system also provides a solution to the problem of a warped vinyl disc ensuring the fidelity of the sound source playback.

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• After setting a disc on the platter, just one press on the SUCTION button holds down the disc while the platter itself is floating. In a split second a completely flat disc surface is realized and most of the vertical motion by the tonearm disappears allowing the cartridge to exerts its performance to the fullest with maleficent sympathetic vibrations cleared. As the disc plate is attracted by means of reducing the atmospheric pressure in the air chamber located internally in the platter, this system enhances damping characteristics of the platter itself, suppress sympathetic vibrations with drastic improvement of signal-to-noise sensitivity. Another press on the SUCTION button allows full evacuation instantly to release suction of the disc from the platter.

• The third aerodynamic “Air Force” mechanism is an air suspension system. The three large-sized feet which support the turntable have internal air suspensions capable of varying air pressures and enhance the tremendous effect of isolating vibrations.

• These three legs accommodate a rotary height-adjusting mechanism as well as air suspensions. By controlling them both level adjustment of the main body and a change of damping characteristics are available,  allowing setting of the most suitable damping characteristic to a particular cartridge or tonearm.

TechDAS Air Force One Turntable

The main body chassis is of a trilaminar structure. The sound base is constructed of a heavy weight chassis combined with dissimilar materials. The total weight reached is 94.8 lb (43Kg.)

• The main body chassis is supported by three large feet made from a composite trilaminar sandwich structure consisting of dissimilar aluminum alloys. It is able to suppress the generation of natural resonance. The thick bottom chassis base is made of magnesium base alloy A5052 having the high strength used in both airplanes and automobile wheels. The middle anodized layer of the chassis above it, is made of zinc-based aluminum alloy A7075, an extra super duralumin often used for airplanes with the highest strength among aluminum alloys. The top layer of the chassis is also made of the alloy A5052 having the same strength as the bottom chassis base. This system’s surfaces are coated with a hard anodized finish.

• The Air force One chassis can accommodate two different tonearms mounted simultaneously. Standard tonearms with the effective length of 10 inches can be mounted on the right side of the turntable within standard specifications but also an optionally available arm base for the second tonearm can be installed on the far left of the chassis where a tonearm with the effective length of 12 inches can also be mounted.

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The main platter is made of forged non-magnetic stainless steel, SUS316L, with an outside diameter of 310mm, a height of 54mm and a weight of 19Kg, which generates a large inertia force when rotating. The three different upper platters made from different materials are available based on your preference.

TechDAS Air Force One Turntable Top Platters

• The three kinds of platters are made of: acrylic resin (methacrylate, black color, weight 3.5Kg) — extra super duralumin (A7075, weight 5Kg) — non-magnetic forged stainless steel using the same material as the main platter (SUS316L, weight 10Kg). A very thin ancillary sheet covering, using a special material with superior static electricity elimination, is attached to every platter.

TechDAS Air Force One TurntableThrough a calibrated microcomputer adjustment circuit combined with a heavyweight platter, the turntable achieves a very high rotation accuracy beyond the boundaries of conventional belt-driven products and equivalent to that of a direct drive (DD) motor.

• A fabric belt-drive method is implemented in this Air Force One system. The constant rotation speed of the heavyweight platter should be attained within a short time period and should be secured, therefore a non-stretch fiber belt is employed. The material is a 4 mm wide polyurethane flat fiber belt with a polished surface capable of excellent smoothness, with extremely high durability and silence characteristics.

• The drive motor is stored in a separate robust aluminum housing and is installed in a position isolated from the main body chassis.The motor is an AC synchronous motor with a weight of 6.6kg driven by an automatic number-of-revolutions adjustment circuit and a two phase DC amplifier circuit.

• This automatic number-of-revolutions adjustment circuit detects every rotational error per revolution through the non-contact sensor installed in the base, and corrects each error through the automatic adjustment circuit via microprocessor control. When reaching the selected constant speed, the circuits are locked which maintains the speed. Simultaneously the voltage of the drive motor is halved,  significantly decreasing the vibrations from the motor. The motor then shifts function to assist the constant rotation of the platter. Accordingly, incomparable quietness and the very high rotational accuracy equivalent to that of a direct drive motor are

TechDAS Air Force One Turntable

• Air Force One is composed of three units in two separate chassis. The white larger chassis include a motor-driven air pump unit and a power supply unit. The air pump is a high-performance motor-powered air pump enclosed in a die-cast case and provides incomparable quietness compared to conventional simplified-vibration motors. Additionally, a unique rubber suspension eliminates micro vibrations. In addition to the above mechanism, a total of 4 distinct power supplies for (1) motor driving, (2) a rotation control circuit, (3) an operating circuit and for (4) LED are enclosed in this unit. With each part specialized with a dedicated power supply sufficient power is ensured to drive a motor and to enhance the performance of each part. Also by isolating those power supplies from the turntable main body, the electric interference to the music signals transmitted from the cartridge is cancelled, resulting in superior playback.

• In a smaller black chassis, the air condenser is installed, where a tempered glass chamber which is not inflated by the air pressure is enclosed internally and where air evacuated from the air pump is stored and the processed air is collected. This mechanism allows the pulsating air flow to be completely absorbed and the air bearings and the disc suction to perform smoothly.

TechDAS Air Force One Turntable Top Platter CoverAn acrylic platter cover to insulate the platter surface from dust is included as a standard item whie

• Dust being such an important element to control in regards to turntables, TechDAS strives to create a solution that would be small enough to ensure constant usage but sufficient to achieve the desired results. Covering only the contact surfaces with the platter is their solution.


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