TechDAS: Air Force III Premium Turntable

TechDAS Air Force Three Premium

“The new Air Force III Premium has integrated further new concepts for an even higher quality while retaining the same compact size.

The Air Force III Premium consists of two units: the Main Unit (including outboard motor) and the Pump / Power Supply / Air Condenser Unit.” — Hideaki Nishikawa, THE DESIGNER

The design concept behind the Air Force III Premium:

TechDAS Air Force Three PremiumThe weight and sound of an analog turntable have a strong correlation. In order to make a heavier turntable while keeping the chassis size to the original Air Force III, TechDAS chose gunmetal for the platter of this model. This material is an alloy of copper and tin and was often used for audio equipment in the heyday of analog audio.

The platter for the Air Force III Premium is precision cast and surface polished with a solid structure, unlike most conventional gunmetal platters that have a hollow construction. This results is a heavy platter of 29 kg, more than three times heavier than the aluminum platter used in the original Air Force III which weighs in at 9 kg. With this new gunmetal platter, the total weight of the main unit is more than 50 kg.

TechDAS Air Force Three PremiumAs a result of the increase in total weight, an extended frequency range is delivered and dynamics are noticeably enhanced with a significantly lower noise floor thanks to the use of the TechDAS air bearing.

The chassis is made of solid aluminum just like the original Air Force III model. The black anodized and highly polished surface contrasts very nicely with the gold colored gunmetal platter. With a minimal sized CNC machined aluminium chassis the Air Force III Premium affords maximum freedom during setup. The surface is finished in high gauge black anodized with a high gloss polish. Up to 4 tonearms, ranging from short (9”) to long (12”) tonearms can be fitted to the frame.

The Air Force Series embodies the highest standards and subtlety of Japanese craftsmanship in its build and finish. The sophisticated aesthetics represent the TechDAS commitment to every detail.

Floating the platter with an air bearing:

TechDAS Air Force Three Premium

A conventional bearing unit supporting the platter would be subject to huge loads due to the weight and high inertia involved, and even the highest precision bearing could become impaired over time. In the TechDAS Air Force Series a unique air bearing method has been developed, where the platter floats and rotates in almost total silence, completely isolated from vibrations transmitted to the record from the floor, via the chassis and center spindle.

Furthermore, the weight of the platter does not place any load on the bearing. This ensures the performance will continue maintenance free for many years, avoiding effects of abrasion or sounds caused by friction. The Air Force III Premium has a precision cast gunmetal platter with precision coating which is also highly polished, and weighs in at 29 kg.

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