nordost: valhalla 2 reference cables


Universally praised by reviewers around the world, Valhalla set a new standard for cables. V2 cables use Dual Mono-Filament technology to achieve the most effective insulation method in the industry. This complex construction combines the very best available FEP insulation material in a virtual-air construction. This achieves minimum insulation contact and excellent mechanical damping.

V2 conductors are made with an extremely pure, solid copper core, plated with 85 Microns of silver.
Nordost manufacturing techniques include the use of extruded FEP in a precisely spaced and dimensioned tube for signal cables.

Valhalla 2 features:

  • Superior geometry and consistency in conductor spacing.
  • Terminated by hand in their US factory using HOLO:PLUG™ technology.
  • V2 provides solutions for each and every application; a continuous, coherent, technological and material link.
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