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Norse 2 Cables

As you advance through each of Nordost’s cable ranges, what you find is a progressive build upon the fundamental elements of great cabling. The Norse 2 family is the second tier in Nordost’s line, delivering the depth, precision and nuance previously only found in live performances.

Like Leif cables, the Norse 2 family uses silver-plated, OFC solid core conductors, extruded FEP insulation and a mechanically tuned construction. However, Norse 2 employs even further technological advances, unlocking the full potential a hifi audio system has to offer.

After years of extensive research and development, Nordost has perfected a proprietary technique called Mono-Filament technology that creates a virtual air dielectric by winding an FEP filament in a precise spiral around each individual conductor before extruding an outer FEP “sleeve” around it. By minimizing contact with the conductor, Mono-Filament technology lessens dielectric absorption while enhancing mechanical damping and geometrical precision.

In addition, Norse 2 family cables are the first to use asymmetrical grounding across the board, lowering the noise floor by increasing the ground quality. Nordost has also taken a step beyond its original mechanically tuned construction and introduced mechanically tuned lengths, reducing internal microphony and high-frequency impedance resonance.

Norse cables feature:

  • Refinements to conductor dimensions, spacing, arrangement, and quantity.
  • Mechanical characteristics fully match the already superior electrical performance.
  • Incorporates genuinely state of the art AC and signal transmission technology into any audio system.
  • Combines high technology, precision conductors and precision construction with the best, low-mass and mechanically optimized terminations.
  • Use with today’s high-quality integrated CD players and amplifiers – or HD sources, high-performance processors and multichannel amps and you’ll be astonished by the musical performances that result.
Norse-2 Headphone Cables

Norse 2 Headphone Cables:

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The Heimdall 2 Headphone Cable consists of 32 AWG 7/40 conductors which have been individually insulated and twisted using Litz construction. Litz construction increases the pliability, as well as eliminates triboelectric noise within the cable and improves upon mechanical damping. In order to accommodate the added durability demanded from headphone cables, Nordost has included an Aramid fiber strength member to the construction of this cable. Integrating Aramid fibers into the cable design not only ensures its mechanical integrity, transferring the strain away from the cable’s conductors and to the fibers themselves, but the resonating properties of aramid fibers also enhance sound quality.

To take things to the next level, the Heimdall 2 Headphone Cable employs Nordost’s proprietary Micro Mono-Filament technology with extruded FEP insulation around the conductors, as well as mechanically tuned lengths, which reduce internal microphony and high-frequency impedance resonance. As a result, the Heimdall 2 Headphone Cable acts as the ideal conduit to transfer an amazingly realistic reproduction of sound from your system to your hifi headphones.

The Heimdall 2 Headphone Cable is available with a wide variety of termination options on the headphone end, and it is terminated with a 4 pin balanced XLR male connector on the source end.  Each cable is 2M and includes two adaptors which are comprised of identical construction and technology as the headphone cable itself, and have also been cut to specific, mechanically tuned lengths. Both adaptors are terminated with a 4 pin balanced XLR female connector on one end and either a 3.5mm stereo mini or a 1/4in stereo phono on the opposite end. Due to the various terminations available, the Heimdall 2 Headphone Cable is compatible with all major players in the over-ear headphone market.

Norse 2 iCableHeimdall 2 iKable:

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The second generation Norse series now makes it possible to deliver your digital music library with a clarity and precision not previously thought possible. The Heimdall 2 iKable combines silver-plated, OFC solid core conductors with Nordost’s proprietary Dual Mono-Filament technology, creating a virtual air dielectric for maximum mechanical dampening. Additionally, the Heimdall 2 iKable employs mechanically tuned lengths, further reducing internal microphonics and high frequency impedance resonance. The result is the ideal electrical and mechanically controlled construction for ultra-fast, low-loss signal transfer.

The Heimdall 2 iKable finally makes it possible to realize the full performance potential of portable audio devices. Whether applied in your car or home audio system, the dynamic effects that Norse 2 technology will achieve are remarkable.

Norse Power Cords
Norse 2 Power Cords:

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The most musically coherent and involving performance you’ll ever have heard from your system and recordings.

  • Real Instrumental Presence
  • Explosive Dynamics
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Intimacy

By employing Micro Mono-Filament construction in the Norse series power cords, we ensure an ultra-fast, low-loss and low impedance AC feed for your electronics, delivered without slowing or current limiting, allowing your system to respond to the dynamic demands of the musical signal.

By using silver plated, solid-core OFC conductors we maintain complete materials consistency with the Norse interconnects and speaker cables. Combine the Norse Series 2 power cords with a properly designed stargrounded distribution block, like the QRT Qb4 or Qb8, along with a dedicated clean ground for your audio system, and you’ll be creating the perfect power foundation to maximize system performance.

Norse-2 tonearm CablesNorse 2 Tonearm Cables:

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The cable on your tonearm doesn’t just impact the signal from your pick-up; it actually affects its mechanical behavior too, making this the most critical signal cable in your system. Which makes it all the more amazing that so many tonearms are supplied with extremely basic leads. You wouldn’t pass the signal from a $4,000 CD player down a $25 lead – yet that’s exactly what many turntables do, and with a signal that’s more fragile to boot.

Both Heimdall and Frey offer electrically optimized, ultra low-loss cables, specifically designed for tonearm applications. They offer a wide range of appropriate termination options as standard, with special requirements available to order, as long as the necessary hardware is available.

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