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Nordost Leif Cables

Nordost’s entry level cable ranges are perfect examples of quality cabling set at an affordable price range. The Leif family uses scientifically proven methods and technology derived from the development of our Valhalla and Odin ranges and applies their basic principles to create cables which evoke dynamic, low-loss and realistic performances from even modest components and Loudspeakers.

Leif cables are constructed using silver-plated, OFC solid core conductors, which form the basis of Nordost’s great sound. The conductors are then treated with Nordost’s innovative precision FEP extrusion process, where each conductor is individually enclosed in FEP insulation. This technique greatly reduces the dielectric properties of the cables in order to increase signal speeds and accuracy in signal transfer.

To build upon this foundation, Leif cables are designed with a mechanically tuned construction that optimizes the dimensions and spacing of conductors to reduce dielectric effects even further.

Finally, the Leif family benefits from the use of proprietary connectors, which provide a sonically consistent connection and complete Nordost’s impressive first tier of cables.

  • Manufactured and terminated in the USA
  • Dynamic Straight-line Low-loss

Capable of releasing astonishing performances from even modest electronics and speakers.

leif speaker cables

Leif Speaker Cables:

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When Nordost launched the original Flatline speaker cable, its unique, extruded FEP construction delivered a combination of minimal capacitance, inductance and dielectric effect that, combined with the quality of the materials employed, produced a lightning fast, low-loss performance that brought music to life. Now, that original design has evolved even further.

  • Silver-plated, OFC, round section solid core conductors
  • Greater air and subtle detail
  • Reduced dielectric effect
  • Optimized dimensions and spacing of conductors
  • Extruded construction
  • Mechanical precision and stability
  • Low-mass
  • Carefully selected Z-plug and spade terminations
  • Specifically designed for the single-wiring of loudspeakers
  • Combine with dedicated jumpers where necessary to produces even more coherent musical results
  • Flat profile allows for easy bi-amping

The Leif Series speaker cables represent a significant evolution in the Flatline story. Retaining the essential engineering elegance of the original design, experience has taught us how to extract even greater performance from a deceptively simple recipe, a benefit you’ll hear in the musical performance of your system.

Blue Heaven iKableBlue Heaven iKable:

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Whether through facilitating access to our music libraries, upgrading the caliber of sound or simply mobilizing a once stationary practice, the portable audio device has transformed the way in which we enjoy music. The convenience of these new technological advances has not easily swayed true audiophiles when it comes at the expense of quality. Thankfully, the new Blue Heaven LS iKable now makes it possible to enjoy hifi quality sound from your portable audio devices.
The new Blue Heaven LS iKable combines silver-plated, OFC solid core conductors with Nordost’s innovative precision FEP extrusion technology, greatly reducing dielectric properties in order to increase signal speeds and accuracy in signal transfer. The result is a detailed and dynamic reproduction of your digital music files that has previously been impossible to achieve at this price point.

Gold plated, full metal jacket shell connectors available in:

  • 3.5mm stereo mini (Neutrik)  to  3.5mm stereo mini (Neutrik)
  • 3.5mm stereo mini (Neutrik)  to  (2x) XLR (Neutrik)
  • 3.5mm stereo mini (Neutrik)  to  (2x) RCA
Leif Power Cables
Blue Heaven Power Cords:

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Cables like Nordost’s supreme reference, the Odin, have thrown open a new window on system performance, revealing the critical part played in musical reproduction by superior power cords. Why? Because the AC supply is, quite literally, delivering the raw material from which your system will recreate the recorded musical performance. And just like a sculpture, the texture and quality of that raw material has a profound effect on the finished article. In recognition of this crucial role, we have employed our proprietary Micro Mono-Filament construction throughout the power cords in the Leif Series.

  • Virtual air dielectric
  • Excellent mechanical damping
  • FEP insulation
  • Ultra-fast
  • Low-loss
  • Low source impedance of the AC supply
  • Superior grounding
  • Micro Mono-Filament eliminates slowing and current limits
  • Micro Mono-Filament responds to the dynamic demands of musical signal
  • Real instrumental presence
  • Explosive dynamics, color, texture, and intimacy
Leif Tonearm Cables

Blue Heaven Tonearm Cables:

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The tiny signals generated by pick-up cartridges, especially modern moving-coils, can be between 500 and 5000 times smaller than the average output of a CD player. Such fragile signals demand purpose built, low-capacitance cables if the finest details and textures are to escape smearing and loss. Low capacitance is a central aim of Nordost’s high-speed minimalist construction, but a tonearm lead demands more, with comprehensive shielding and grounding essential to optimum performance. The Blue Heaven tonearm cable delivers exactly the low-loss electricalcharacteristics required, combined with effective shielding, dual grounding and a full range of termination options in both single-ended and balanced configurations, allowing you to specify exactly the topology required to liberate the musical performance locked in the grooves on your LP collection. It’s position, right at the start of the signal chain, and the fragile nature of the signals it carries make it doubly critical, but deliver a double performance benefit when you get it right. With the Blue Heaven tonearm cable, now there’s an affordable way to hear what’s really on your records.

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