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Finally, a dual-mono solution at an affordable price! The Devialet 400 is the most comprehensive and high-performance dual-mono model. Extreme power (400 W), an inexhaustible wealth of adjustable parameters and unsurpassed performances (THD + N 0.00025%), the Devialet 400 finally enables you to make the transition to a  system comprised of two power blocks.The Devialet 400 is actually two units daisy-chained in mono-blocks: a complete Devialet 200 “master” and a Devialet 200 “slave”. Providing all the advantages of dual mono, the Devialet 400 is a savvier solution than purchasing two separate Devialet 200.
4 times better than the bestIn this configuration, the Devialet 400 offers you unequaled musical resolution and beats every record. Devialet’s technology is magnified through its operation in mono-block mode via a dedicated power supply and an ADH core for each channel.

  • the power supply and balanced converter dedicated to each speaker offer you more power and greater dynamics, most notably by way of SAM® technology
  • the use of the Devialet 400 in mono-block mode enables the elimination of the current return from the total mass and the further improvement of the performance of the DAC “Magic Wire” and  analogue inputs (THD + N 0,00025%). The dual-mode also reduces signal jitter for all digital inputs.
  • all signals are over-sampled to 384khz via a unique set-up that uses the potential of the DAC “Magic Wire” to its utmost.
Dare to opt for the mono-block version!The Devialet 400 is the dual mono-block system that you have been waiting for! This product occupies the first rank in terms of performance, ease of use and compactness, and enables you to control any speakers on the market with disconcerting ease.If you still had any doubts about the improvements brought about by a dual-mono solution, come listen to it and allow yourself to be seduced by its perfection.

Multi-amplificationThe Devialet 400 is pre-configured for dual mono mode. However, there is nothing stopping you from enjoying the other amplification modes enabled by the internal software within each of the Devialet 200 devices.Connect two, four, six or up to eight Devialet devices to expand your system according to your wildest desires.

Active multi-amplification enables you to manually set the parameters of your cross-over filters to adjust them to your speakers and achieve a configuration that meets all of your requirements.

The best performances ever recorded
  • Shortest signal path in the world (less than 4 inches between the DAC and the speakers output connectors): lossless by design.
  • Unequalled Signal/Noise ratio (> 133 dB): abyssal silence, emotional power, the music emerges from nothingness.
  • Harmonic distortion barely measurable (0,00025%): absolute fidelity of instrumental timbres and sonorities.
  • Intermodulation distortion equally barely measurable (0,00025%): seizing realism of soundstage (separation and placing of instruments).
  • Thermal distortion non measurable: very natural fast variations of dynamics (impacts, resonances).

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