Devialet: 200

Devialet 200

The audiophile’s favorite model, for its professional digital and analogue inputs/outputs, its power and its wealth of customizable options and settings. In addition to 400 W mono-block customization, the Devialet 200 also represents a first step for those seeking to eventually upgrade to a dual-mono system.

Equipped with fully-configurable professional digital and analog inputs/outputs, an advanced phono stage and Devialet’s new AIR Universal Streamer, the Devialet 200 offers usability and configuration possibilities to satisfy the curiosity of even the most demanding audio mavens.

Advanced Phono Stage

Thanks to a built-in, trendsetting phono stage, the analog signal’s lossless digitalization allows you to configure and adapt the Devialet 200 precisely to your turntable’s cartridge and generate superlative sound quality. What’s more, the online sound configuration utility lets you choose the cartridge type (MM/MC) and set the sampling rate and the RIAA curb for customized adjustment of your phono pre-amplification. That’s the power of sound in your hands.

Phono stage parameters: Cartridge type

  • Channels
  • Max level
  • Loading
  • Startup RIAA curve
  • Balance
  • Sampling rate

Inputs or outputs — it’s all up to you

Every Devialet 200 input is configurable, meaning an unlimited amount of settings at your disposal. Be they analog inputs, digital inputs or outputs of either kind, your Devialet adapts to your needs, whether you’re thinking minor tweaks or a complete system overhaul.

Input configuration possibilities for the Devialet 200:

  • Advance phono (MM/MC) x2
  • Line x2
  • Digital-in x4
  • Analog-out mono (subwoofer)
  • Pre-out stereo
  • Digital-out for digital vinyl

Devialet AIR Universal Streamer

Devialet’s AIR Universal Streamer allows you to wirelessly access all contents stored or streamed from any computer, in exceptionally high quality.

With the Devialet 200, you can click your favorite music player (iTunes, Foobar) or online service (Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz) and listen to your music at up to 192 khz/24-bits!

The best performances ever recorded

  • Shortest signal path in the world (less than 4 inches between the DAC and the speakers output connectors): lossless by design.
  • Unequalled Signal/Noise ratio (> 130 dB): abyssal silence, emotional power, the music emerges from nothingness.
  • Harmonic distortion barely measurable (0,001%): absolute fidelity of instrumental timbres and sonorities.
  • Intermodulation distortion equally barely measurable (0,001%): seizing realism of soundstage (separation and placing of instruments).
  • Thermal distortion non measurable: very natural fast variations of dynamics (impacts, resonances).

Devialet 200-connectorsFrom stereo to dual mono

On its own, the Devialet 200 is an exceptional stereo system. Imagine operating several at once! You may configure the Devialet 200 as a 400 W mono-block in a dual mono set-up that multiplies your system’s performance by 4. You may also opt for a quad-mono configuration of your Devialet system, or even connect up to 8 devices together for extreme home cinema systems or active multi-amplification.

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