constellation audio: virgo ii / line stage


Those who heard the original version of the Performance Series Virgo line stage preamplifier were astonished. In fact, one well-known reviewer said of the Virgo and the other Performance Series components, “…these are truly superb electronics, competitive with and in many regards superior to anything I’ve yet heard at any price, tube or solid-state.” But at Constellation Audio, they never settle for mere excellence.

The original Virgo power supply was far better than average, but still, it was a step down from the Altair II’s power supply. So it was decided to adapt the design of the Altair II power supply to Virgo, to create an even better-sounding preamp: Virgo II.

The original Virgo power supply had separate feeds for audio circuits and control circuits. The Virgo II adds true dual-mono capability, with three outputs: separate feeds for left and right channels in addition to the control circuit feed. This upgrade makes the channels more independent, so extreme demands in one do not affect the other. It also improves channel separation—and thus improves imaging and soundstaging. Because the new supply is larger, it has room for extra filtration, which produces cleaner DC power. And the new supply now fits conveniently under the Virgo II preamp chassis.

The new power supply, along with other subtle improvements, makes the Virgo II an even better line stage, surpassed in musicality only by the Reference Series Altair II.

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