constellation audio: inspiration series mono 1.0

inspiration series: mono_1.0

The Inspiration MONO 1.0 amplifier easily delivers 400 watts per channel into 8 ohms, doubling to 800 into 4 ohms. This is power enough to produce incredible, concert-hall dynamics with any speaker. Yet it is the size of a standard audio amplifier and weighs just 55 pounds. When you consider that the Centaur Monoblock weighs in at 103 pounds, and the Hercules II Monoblock at 220 pounds, the Inspiration’s ability to deliver incredible power from a modestly sized chassis is remarkable indeed.

Also remarkable is that the audio circuits are based on the same original schematics Constellation’s “dream team” originally created for Hercules. In fact, most of the parts are the same. The output stage uses the same Balanced Bridged topology, combining multiple, small single-ended amplifier modules into a large, fully balanced design. This unique concept allows the Inspiration MONO 1.0 to deliver all the delicacy and musicality of a small single-ended amp, with the dynamics and power of a large monoblock.

With tremendous power available, feeding the same circuit designs used in our larger monoblocks, all contained in a smaller chassis that weighs only about half as much as the Centaur Monoblock, the Inspiration MONO 1.0 clearly deserves membership in the Constellation Audio family. It’s the essence of its big brothers, the Hercules II and Centaur-not diluted in any way, merely distilled.

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