Constellation Audio: Dominion Leo


Announcing the Constellation Audio Dominion Series Leo:

A music system unlike anything else.

Leo re-imagines what a music system can be. To create Leo—the first in Constellation’s Dominion line of innovative #SmartAudioProducts—Constellation Audio engineers and designers started anew. They carefully considered how today’s music lovers listen to and access their music, then sought out the technologies that would deliver truly extraordinary sound from a design and form factor welcome in any home—and that are friendly enough for anyone to use comfortably. The result is a music system unlike anything else in audio.

No existing product category seems adequate to contain Leo. Leo embodies the same no-compromise spirit that inspired their original Reference Series components—hailed by many experts as the finest ever created—yet it fits into environments that could never accommodate a traditional audio system. Leo blends many approaches to audio: ultra-modern digital audio processing and amplification technologies, combined with traditional design philosophies and techniques refined through decades of experience.

The end result: Leo more than meets the goals set for the Dominion line: To create music systems that suit any situation and any lifestyle, yet deliver the breathtaking musicality and realism of much larger and costlier systems.

Compact design.

To describe Leo in concrete terms, it is a tri-amplified stereo sound system that delivers inspiring performance from any source, be it a moving-coil phono cartridge, a networked computer, an Internet radio station, a high-end music streamer, a CD player or even a smartphone. All of this is controlled through the familiar, friendly interface of a smartphone or tablet, with only the most essential controls—power, volume, input selection and play/pause/track skip—on Leo’s front panel.

Leo is so compact that it needs no accommodation greater than a sturdy shelf or table to work its magic. It doesn’t necessarily require any cables except its own AC power cord. Thus, Leo can deliver extraordinary sound practically anywhere, from a large living room to a bedroom or office.

Constellation Audio: Dominion LeoRoon Ready.

The core of Leo is a self-powered high-end stereo speaker system. Reproducing the bass are two 6.5-inch high-sensitivity woofers in an opposed parallel arrangement that cancels vibration. Each is driven by its own 140-watt amplifier. The front grille conceals two 2.5-inch midrange drivers, each directly connected to its own 70-watt amplifier. Two 0.75-inch tweeters, each driven by its own 70-watt amp, reproduce high frequencies.

Surprisingly, Leo has a purer signal path than even many of the world’s most revered audio systems. Its Class D amplifiers use a special topology with ultra-high-frequency 600 kHz switching that eliminates the need for filtering of the amplifiers’ output; the inductance of the speaker drivers themselves is enough to filter the PWM output of the amplifiers to produce the cleanest of analog waveforms. There is no passive crossover, and thus nothing between the amplifier and speakers other than a cable. Audio can’t get any purer than this.

Constellation Audio: Dominion Leo

This direct connection is made possible through Leo’s multichannel digital signal processor, which performs all crossover functions and also tunes the performance of each of Leo’s six speaker drivers to perfection. The precision of this arrangement far exceeds what would be possible using traditional inductors and capacitors, the best of which tend to have tolerances in the plus/minus 5 percent range.
Leo is built to embrace everyone’s listening habits, whether they prefer streaming the latest hits from the Internet or spinning classic vinyl from half a century ago. Included is an internal DAC that accepts signals up to 24/192 resolution (24/96 through Toslink) and is also MQA-compatible. Leo is Roon Ready, so music lovers can enjoy the enlightening experience of what is incontestably the world’s finest playback interface. Leo accesses networked audio sources through Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast, and these technologies also allow synchronized playback of multiple Leos in one home. Also included is a phono preamp that lets you connect a turntable, and that accommodates moving-coil cartridges as well as moving-magnet cartridges. And for those times when someone just wants to stream something off their smartphone, it includes Bluetooth 4.2 capability.

Constellation Audio: Dominion LeoLeo is available in your choice of deep black or light grey finish.

Leo is what music lovers have long awaited: a compact smart music system that delivers the audio you want, any way you want it, without the slightest sacrifice in sound quality, convenience or style.


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