constellation audio: centaur mono / monoblock power amplifier


The Centaur Mono is an extraordinary creation indeed, a monoblock amplifier that delivers 500 watts per channel yet has the musical sound quality of a small, single-ended triode tube amp. This is no empty claim—our “dream team” of engineers and designers actually created a revolutionary modular circuit topology with exactly this goal in mind.

Every centimeter of the Centaur Mono presents evidence of Constellation’s radical—and radically good-sounding—approach. The front, top and sides show the refined industrial design of Alex Rasmussen of Neal Feay Corporation. The ventilated side panels and visually integrated top and bottom vents reveal our careful approach to cooling. The back panel includes our proprietary Constellation Direct input, for the best possible sound quality when fed by our Altair or Virgo preamps.

For those who do not have the space or budget for the Reference series Hercules amplifier, the Centaur Mono is a more practical way to get the same sound quality, with lower but still beyond-impressive power output.

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