constellation audio: altair ii / line stage


Altair II is a collaborative effort. It began with the original Altair, created by Constellation Audio’s “dream team” of the world’s best audio engineers and industrial designers. Their engineers then refined these original concepts using feedback from dealers and customers. The result is a product with a more user-friendly interface, yet that retains the same sound quality as the original Altair, acclaimed by a leading audio magazine as setting a new standard “in virtually every sonic and musical criterion.”

The front panel of Altair II features a new touchscreen control, which allows all functions to be adjusted directly from the front panel. The enhanced contrast and large font sizes used on the touchscreen allow it to be seen from across a room.

An elegant new remote control, machined from aluminum billet and wrapped in leather, provides immediate access to the most commonly used functions, such as volume, balance, mute and phase.

While Altair II presents a friendlier, faster interface, its sound quality is in no way changed from the original Altair.

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