Boulder 3000 Series

Innovative technologies, intelligent construction and unmistakable design. Over time these efforts become second nature. Boulder’s 3000 Series is the summit of high performance.

Boulder 3050 Amplifier

Boulder 3010 Preamplifier

3010 — Preamplifier

• Matched, dual-phase 993SD gain stage improves thermal tracking and optimizes ground

• Variable Blend control allows recordings with hard-panned images or mono LPs played with stereo cartridges to create a stable center image

• Ethernet connection downloads future software updates and connects to IP-based home control systems

• Three balanced outputs can be operated independently for multiple zones or together for bi- or tri-amplification

• Boulder’s own fully-balanced volume control significantly reduces distortion and step noise

• Programmable Soft mode temporarily reduces output to levels suitable for conversation

3050 — Mono Power Amplifier

• Boulder’s biggest, most powerful, and highest performing amplifier, each built to order for its new owner

• Completely designed, manufactured, and hand-assembled at our facility in Louisville, Colorado

• 1,500 watt power output into any load means absolute clarity and control of loudspeakers

• Black granite and stainless steel base, cut to match the angles and footprint of both the left and right amplifiers

• Intelligent microprocessor control so amplifiers can automatically set proper turn-on sequence via Boulder Link and transmit any necessary information to a Boulder preamp’s display

• Every 3050 contains two of Boulder’s highest performing gain stages, the 99H, available only in 3000 Series products

• Full Class-A biasing to maximum output, managed with an analog circuit that reduces bias current whenever possible to increase efficiency and reduce heat

• 120 output transistors for unequaled damping and power delivery

• Four transformers per amplifier, each DC filtered, sealed in machined housings, and potted in a proprietary epoxy for silent operation

• Circuit boards are installed in aluminum mounting frames precisely machined to fit the board and sandwiched with a layer of damping material

• Left and right amplifier chassis are mirror-imaged and feature multiple surface angles to break up any reflected sound

• Differentially balanced, instrumentation-style input circuitry for ideal electrical interface with any preamplifier or source component

3060 Stereo Power Amplifier

3060 — Stereo Power Amplifier

• Production of the 3060 is extremely limited and every unit is built to order


• All assemblies are completely designed, manufactured and hand-assembled at our facility in Louisville, Colorado

• 900W per channel power output into any loudspeaker load

• Each amplifier is shipped with a machined aluminum and polished stainless steel base that is cut to match the footprint and casework angles of the amplifier

• Contains four (two per channel) of Boulder’s highest performing gain stage, the 99H

• Bias operation is Class-A to full rated output power and managed with an analog circuit that minimizes heat and power consumption

• 60 bipolar output transistors per channel mean unmatched control of any loudspeaker system

• 48 massive filter capacitors are part of an ultra-responsive, low-impedance power supply

• Five power transformers, housed in machined cases and potted to absolutely eliminate any noise, vibration or hum

boulder 3000 series

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