Boulder 1100 Series

The 1100 Series is truly advanced and modern in design, technology, and execution. It is art revealing art.

Boulder 1100 Series

1108 — Phono Preamplifier

• Two pairs of balanced inputs for systems with more than one turntable, cartridge, or tonearm

• Traditional RIAA equalization as well as EMI, FFRR (London/Decca), and Columbia EQ settings for LPs made before 1955

• Low-cut filter to eliminate low frequency noise caused by turntable rumble or damaged LPs

• Fully-balanced input circuitry to take advantage of a phono cartridge’s naturally balanced output

•Flexible resistive and capacitive cartridge loading and setup (MC and MM) via removable rear panel Personality Cards

• Proprietary 985 gain stage is engineered specifically for the 1108 and encased in a housing machined from a solid block of aluminum

• Gain settings of 70 dB (MC) and 44 dB (MM) enable use with virtually any phono cartridge

• Interlocking casework damps vibration and shields the delicate analog phono signal inside

• Two pairs of balanced outputs to connect preamplifiers and recording devices at the same time

Boulder 1110 Stereo Preamplifier

1110 — Stereo Preamplifier

• Five pairs of programmable, differentially-balanced inputs

• Balanced version of Boulder’s own analog volume control, descended from the 3010 Preamplifier, for superior clarity and noise elimination

• Each input can be configured for Theater Mode when integrated into home cinema systems

• Large, easy-to-read, LCD display

• Available IP control connection for simple use connection to home automation systems

• Unique front panel design displays the topographical map of Flagstaff Mountain, located near Boulder, Colorado

• Full surface-mount circuit board architecture manufactured on Boulder’s own precision pick-and-place machine

• Comprehensive setup and options programming for all inputs and preamplifier functions

• Automated online software management for worry-free updating

• Boulder’s own 983 gain stage means excellent buffering and current drive for long cable runs

• Embedded ARM processor controls all preamplifier functions and setup options

• Dual-mono audio boards isolate left and right channels for perfect stereo separation in a single-chassis design

1160 -- Stereo Power Amplifier

1160 — Stereo Power Amplifier

• 300 watts of output power can drive any reasonable loudspeaker to realistic levels

• Machined front panel depicts the topography of Flagstaff Mountain near Boulder, Colorado

• Improved thermal management reduces temperature while operating

• Ethernet-enabled supervisor circuitry monitors amp, protection systems, and IP and HTML control

• New grounding system and fully-balanced circuit design improve clarity and reduce distortion

• Robust output section using 56 output transistors means excellent reliability, control, and power with any loudspeaker

• Dual power transformers are DC filtered and enclosed a welded steel case for perfectly silent operation

• Boulder Net control access connects to networked systems & integrated homes and links the 1160 with other Boulder products

• Boulder’s 983 gain stage combines discrete and monolithic design for excellent sound quality

1161 -- Stereo Power Amplifier

1161 — Stereo Power Amplifier

• 200W peak power per channel into 8 ohms, 350W peak power into 4 ohms, 450W peak power into 2 ohms

• Space saving design is the same footprint (width and depth) as the 1110 Preamplifier and lower power output allows the use of a standard power cord

• Smaller carton packaging means easier transportation, unpacking, and installation

• Truly balanced input connections and output stage as with other 1100 Series products

• Newly developed protection circuitry safely and immediately shuts down the output section in case of shorted speaker cables or faults in the system and allows for greater peak power output

• Superior signal handling and resolution achieved using Boulder’s own 985 gain stage, just as in the larger 1160 Stereo Amplifier

• Revised and redesigned automatic biasing circuit accurately stabilizes bias to eliminate the need for manual calibration

• Complete smart-home and integration compatibility with 12V trigger, IP control, and networked HTML page

• Software updates to the internal control and housekeeping systems available as needed with automated online downloads or manual USB port installation

boulder 1100 Series

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