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Aurender App


The Aurender iPad App is the culmination of years of collaboration with Aurender owners and industry partners in order to better satisfy user needs. Full of convenient and easy-to-use features that put music collections at the control of your fingertips, the Aurender App enables even the largest music collections to be easily viewed, managed and played at the press of a button.

User-nameable Browser Buttons

In addition to the standard browser buttons to instantly sort music into Song, Artist, Album, Genre, Composer, Conductor, or Folder views, the Aurender iPad App also provides five Folder Browser Buttons. These buttons located between the All and Misc buttons have the same names as folder on the hard drive. Pressing a Folder Brower Button will display the contents of that folder. Folder Buttons are especially handy for categorizing music without having to edit metadata.

Filter Buttons

In addition to browser buttons, there are Filter Buttons to sort music according to when they were added to the music collection, according to different bit and sampling rates, and according to user rating (5-Star Rating System).

Album Cover View

To view album front and back covers, tap the album cover icon above the Queue and the album cover will be displayed full screen with various viewing and play options.


Aurender App  Aurender App


Simply touch the song title to queue and play. To queue an entire album, category or selection of songs, just long press the selection and a pop-up menu with options for Add to Queue, Add to Playlist, Play Random and Related Folders will appear. Queue settings (Add to next and play, Add to end of queue, Add to next and play now) may be changed using the Settings menu.

Queue Window Menu

At the bottom of the Queue window are menu buttons for Playlist, Save, Clear and Consume.  Pressing the Playlist button will open the Playlist Menu. Pressing the Save button will save the queue contents to a playlist. Pressing the Clear button will bring up options to clear all songs in the queue, or clear all songs exceluding the current song being played. Toggleing the Consume button to ON will delete songs in the queue after being played.


Playlists are an ideal way to save and play music according to mood or occasion. Using the Aurender App, playlists can be made, edited and played quickly and easily. There is even a very handy automatically saved Recently Played 500 playlist, so that the most recently played songs can be played at the touch of a button.


Aurender App Aurender App

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