wilson audio: sabrina

Sabrina is Wilson Audio’s newest—and smallest—3 way, floor-standing loudspeaker. It stands approximately the same height as the original WATT/Puppy, which, in some respects, is its forebearer. Back in the late 1980s, Dave Wilson imagined a truly compact loudspeaker that could compete with the multi-cabinet behemoths of the day.

That the WATT/Puppy quickly became the sales leader in over-$10.000 loudspeakers is one measure of how well Dave succeeded in his quest. Over time, however, as the greater goal of pushing the performance envelope of the original platform became paramount, the WATT/Puppy grew in size and complexity, it’s evolution culminating in the Sasha W/P.

Concurrently, Wilson Audio was exploring the limits of the possible in loudspeaker design, the current apogee of which is the Alexandria XLF. Relentless pursuit of the best proprietary cabinet materials, the most precise time-alignment of custom-designed drivers—with cost not a contingent consideration— the goal was what it always had been: to erase the boundary between live unamplified music, and its reproduction.

Then the question arose: what if Wilson’s engineers could take everything they’ve learned in three decades of state-of-the-art speaker design, distill it down to its essence, and apply that to a truly compact speaker for the 21st century?

Introducing Sabrina.


Sabrina may be the most diminutive of Wilson Audio’s floor standing loudspeakers, but it is unquestionably part of the Wilson family.

Availability: Late First Quarter 2015

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