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Announcing the Wilson Chronosonic XVX Loudspeaker: The latest flagship model.

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Announcing the Wilson Audio Subsonic

Wilson Audio Subsonic

The Wilson Audio Subsonic is the fraternal twin of the WAMM Master Subsonic. It features the same subwoofer drivers and the same internal volume. The differences lie in the finish details. The metal work in the WAMM Master Subsonic features the prismatic finish that mirrors (no pun intended) the WAMM’s main array gantry. On the Wilson Audio Subsonic, the metal work is from Wilson’s main line finish process—the same level of metal finish that has adorned Wilson products throughout the line.

The Wilson Audio Subsonic bridges the gap between the Thor’s Hammer, a subwoofer that before the WAMM Master Subsonic had no rival in the industry, and the WAMM Master Subsonic. The Subsonic is the perfect addition to an Alexandria, Alexx, or Alexia, either configured as a single mono unit, or as a two-channel stereo pair. In either configuration, it offers per-formance in the 10-30hz range that is only exceeded by the WAMM Master Subsonic itself.


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