weiss engineering: chiron cables

CHIRON CablesCHIRON cables have been developed with utmost transparency as the main design goal. Both the analog and digital balanced interconnects with XLR connectors are unshielded for very low stray capacitance effects. They exhibit cable geometries with extremely tight tolerances for a constant impedance.

The speaker cables use RF Litz wire which suppresses the skin effect to a great degree. This results in a constant resistance across the whole audio band and beyond.

CHIRON cables use Nomex sleeves for excellent mechanical durability and beautiful looks. Connectors are gold plated and manufactured to tight tolerances.

The CHIRON-Glass1 optical cable are built to offer an optical alternative to the electrical balanced or unbalanced digital audio interconnects. The glass fiber technology must not be confused with the plastic fiber based TOSLINK interconnects. Glass fiber diameters are in the 100 micrometer range while plastic fibers are in the millimeters. Signal fidelity for glass fibers is extremely high. The CHIRON-Glass1 potentially can transmit signals in the 100 MHz frequency range over distances of 2 kilometers and more.


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