verity audio: rocco

RoccoWhy the Rocco is so different? It’s simply a true subwoofer engineered according to some fundamental rules. Its inherent acoustical design allows the Rocco to function down to a true 16 Hz with no artificial electronic equalization. The importance of this shouldn’t be sold short. Typical practice is to reduce cabinet size (and cost) by using a sealed box enclosure and then equalizing the limited frequency response to get some extension. The Rocco delivers some major benefits in comparison to equalized subwoofers:

  • Large ported enclosure to efficiently extend the bass response without applying additional stresses to the drive units;
  • Dual long-throw 12-inch drivers provides sufficient cone surface to minimize cone displacements and increase linearity;
  • Added vibration-canceling structure minimizes any stray energy that could be radiated by the cabinet;
  • High power headroom fully rated at twice the power requirement for maximum cone displacement;
  • Very sophisticated and inaudible dynamic optimization circuitry prevents the bass unit to go beyond maximum displacements;
  • No-compromise amplification, the power is provided by a superb ice-power amplifier having its nominal power at an impressive
    1 000 watts.
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