Spiral Groove

One set of four “Alpheet” $599 plus $15 S&H U.S. International inquiries please contact us.


Favorably reviewed at Positive Feedback (Link)

These Spiral Groove Strange Attractors are accommodated specifically for the Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC. The Strange Attractors replace the stock Alpha DAC feet (Link) and screw right into the existing chassis threads. In a DAC, vibration at the signal level can cause serious disruption of the digital bit stream, resulting in significantly elevated jitter levels, regardless of how clean the circuit is designed and implemented. Unlike how vibration affects an analog signal, which would typically be an elevated noise floor, we all know how high jitter values can ruin many aspects of the music. Strange Attractors are designed to pull mechanical energy away from the chassis, as with many of the classical coupling devices on the market. However, pure coupling devices pass the energy on to the shelf to dissipate the energy. This concept can work well if the shelf is specifically design to deal with this energy in a controlled fashion, but this is quite costly as it is a full on system approach. The Strange Attractors differ because they convert the vibrational energy in the lower half of the device using a specifically shaped graphite material, which has a lossy characteristic a low frequencies.








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