Come and hear Pono Music at The Audio Salon.

Experience music the way it was meant to be heard. Discover the quality of music exactly as the artist created it, at the recording resolution they chose in the studio.

PONO_3What does Pono Music consider to be high quality digital music?

    Generally speaking, mp3 files have a bit rate of 192kbps or 256kbps.   These are highly compressed files and are much smaller in size than higher resolution music files.  The good news is that you can keep a lot of mp3 files in a small amount of storage on a portable player or mobile device.  The bad news is that they’ve lost a lot of the musical information that often reveals the most pleasant and satisfying aspects of the music. It is mostly that sense of realism, dynamic range, and detail that higher resolution recordings typically capture in a way that restores the emotion in the song.

On the “low end” of higher resolution music (CD lossless, 44.1kHz/16 bit), PonoMusic files have about 6 times more musical information than a typical mp3.  With ultra-high resolution recordings (192kHz/24 bit), the difference between a PonoMusic digital file and an mp3 is about 30 times more data from which your player reconstructs the “song”.

PNONBandwidthChartWhat music formats can the PonoPlayer play?

The PonoPlayer can play most popular high-res music formats from other sources. PonoMusic has a quality spectrum, ranging from really good to really great, depending on the quality of the available master recordings:

  • CD lossless quality recordings: 1411 kbps (44.1 kHz/16 bit) FLAC files
  • High-resolution recordings: 2304 kbps (48 kHz/24 bit) FLAC files
  • Higher-resolution recordings: 4608 kbps (96 kHz/24 bit) FLAC files
  • Ultra-high resolution recordings: 9216 kbps (192 kHz/24 bit) FLAC files


How much memory does the PonoPlayer have?

The PonoPlayer ships with a total of 128GB. 64GB of memory is built into the player and another 64GB of memory on a removable microSD card. The expansion slot can accept microSD cards of up to 64GB or SDXC microSD cards of 128GB or higher. Unlike many other portable music players, the microSD cards are designed to be easily swappable. For example, you can build a library of various playlists or genres on different cards and simply swap them in and out, much like you’d swap game cards on a portable gaming console. So in reality you have infinite capacity on the PonoPlayer.

How many songs can it hold?

That depends on the quality of your music files:

  • CD lossless quality recordings (44.1 kHz/16 bit): About 5000 tracks.
  • High-resolution recordings (48 kHz/24 bit): About 3200 tracks.
  • Higher-resolution recordings (96 kHz/24 bit): About 1600 tracks.
  • Ultra-high resolution recordings (192 kHz/24 bit): About 800 tracks.


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