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Devialet EnsembleDevialet EnsembleDevialet Ensemble

Devialet Ensemble. It’s a first.

First complete system offered by Devialet. First system to integrate SAM. First system in terms of performance. First system for its simplicity and compactness. Devialet is proud to introduce its first hi-fi system, first in everything.

First complete system.

A Devialet 120, the most awarded audio system in history, two Atohm GT1 Special Edition by Devialet, and cables of the highest standards: the best audio system, ready to play.

First system to integrate SAM

With SAM, Devialet creates the first technology adapting the signal to the characteristics of the speakers. Using a specific driver integrated into the processor of the Devialet, SAM deduces in real time the exact signal that has to be transmitted to the speaker to precisely reproduce the recorded acoustic pressure. Driven according to their specific characteristics, the speakers reveal all their qualities for the first time.

First system in terms of performance

First system combining SAM® and ADH® technologies: ADH ensures a perfect amplification of the signal, while SAM precisely adapts it to the speakers. The unique alliance of these two technologies allows this system to reach performances that had never been measured before.

First system for its simplicity and compactness

Plug the power unit of the Devialet, connect the speakers to the Devialet, connect your sources: you are ready to play all your music and to hear it as never before. Even better: with Devialet Air, choose to play your music using a wired, or wireless connection.

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