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Single-box elegance at the cutting edge of standalone DAC design. Debussy is the entry point to the world of dCS and designed to be the hub of a digital playback system.

Debussy combines the legendary dCS Ring DAC and our award winning asynchronous USB technology in one box to deliver a DAC that extracts exceptional performance from any digital source.

dCS Debussy

  • Key Features:Debussy DAC uses the proprietary dCS Ring DAC ™, which incorporates several detail improvements over earlier versions.
  • The dCS Ring DAC ™ is a discrete balanced design which does not use any off-theshelf DAC chips commonly found in other manufacturers’ products.
  • dCS’ proprietary Ring DAC and oversampling topology produces exceptional linearity across the dynamic range.
  • All dCS products use a sophisticated multi-mode Phase-Locked-Loop (PLL) which significantly reduces clock jitter.
  • Faster, 100% accurate DSPs (within the bounds of their resolution) give improved filters revealing yet more fine detail.
  • Higher capacity FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) give more logic capacity and increase the scope for additional features and enhancements.
  • Asynchronous USB mode prevents the computer source injecting jitter into DAC.
  • Improved power supplies give lower running temperature and increased tolerance to AC supply variations.
  • dCS‘soft’ approach to programmable logic allows dCS products to adapt to changes in digital formats and add new features by loading new software from a CD or a computer.
  • High grade aluminum chassis and laminated acoustic damping panels reduce magnetic effects and vibration.
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