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Brinkmann AudioHelmut Brinkmann’s never ending search for the perfect illusion

Some say that perfect music playback is an illusion. Helmut Brinkmann however, leaves nothing to chance as he works on perfecting this illusion, thus making music playback as real as possible.

Brinkmann does not build according to cost-optimizedmanufacturing processes; instead, Brinkmann is handmade. Prior to delivery, Helmut Brinkmann personally scrutinizes each and every component, making sure that every piece works and functions exactly as intended. Only this level of rigorous quality control assures that components bearing the Brinkmann name will meet their very high standards.

Despite continued advances in digital playback, the vinyl record (in spite of it’s limitations) remains the foremost important music format in the world.

As records are cut at precisely 33 1/3 revolutions per minute, they therefore must also be played back at exactly the same speed; otherwise pitch will be off. This explains the most important requirements for proper playback:

  • Accurate and consistent speed.
  • Gentle groove tracing.
  • High level of immunity from external and internal vibrations.
  • Ultimate quietness and low friction of platter and tonearm bearings.
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